Clutter Attracts Clutter

Please let me explain what I mean: 

Does this sound familiar?  We've placed an item on the kitchen bench for a few minutes and with the very best of intentions, say to ourselves that we'll get back to it “later”.  Later however never seems to happen and every time we pass the bench a little voice in our head gives a nudge, reminding us that it needs our attention.  
Days pass and sometimes even weeks and over time we've noticed that one item’s mysteriously bred and suddenly a pile of clutter's accumulated where once there was clear space.  
What happened?  
Clutter Attracts Clutter
Given enough time, we become so used to the clutter slowly expanding on our benches that we actually stop “seeing” it.  It becomes familiar and normal to us….and the clutter continues to spread and spills over other benches and across the floor.  Sometimes with a burst of energy, we may decide to get in and start sorting through the clutter, because we need to find that important object.  Some moments later however, we may get distracted and start to focus on something else instead (and besides it’s more fun than sifting through our clutter).  Other times when we've tried to get organised, we accumulate neat little piles which then proceed to expanded over the floor and over time more bits of paperwork pile up around it.  
If we don’t stay on top of our systems, clutter does indeed attract clutter and for many of us, it can be a daily struggle.
Dr DeClutter would like to recommend these Top 5 Tips to help get you started.
1.  Start Small:  You've no doubt heard the saying "Rome Wasn't Built In a Day" and the same applies to decluttering and organising your space.  It's easier to get overwhelmed if a room's pulled apart, so start with one drawer and go for it.
2.  Set the Timer for 10 Minutes: It's possible to declutter and organise a drawer in 10 minutes and if you did this twice a day for a week, that's 14 drawers in a couple of hours.  Now just imagine opening those drawers and finding exactly what you need, in my books that's time well spent!
3.  Let the Space Dictate How Much to Keep:  We can only wear one set of clothes and read one book at a time (even if we have a wardrobe full of clothes and lots of books on the go).  The less you have the more you use.
4.  Give Everything a Permanent Home:  Not only will you know where to find it, but think of the time you'll save having to search for it.
5.  Complete the Cycle:  Start new habits; rather than dumping the schoolbags on the kitchen bench, give them a permanent home on a hook or store in a designated area.
Finally  you can't keep everything, and remember if you’d like additional support then Dr DeClutter offers a complimentary 15 minute telephone or Skype consultation to help get you started. You can either phone Carol on 0449 156 246 or email me.


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