What's Behind the Garage Door?

When the garage is full to the brim with contents worth less than the value of the car parked in the street, then perhaps it’s time to consider the following decluttering tips:
Pause for a moment and consider that while modern homes of today are designed to cater for busy lifestyles, they also include many of these standard features:   large hallway closets, extra storage space under stairwells, media rooms, both formal and informal living rooms and let’s not forget formal and formal dining rooms, study areas, whole rooms dedicated to toys and often a second level of living space with dedicated walk in wardrobes, ensuites and guest rooms.  It’s intriguing therefore that with all these additional rooms, homes are still overflowing with possessions which inadvertently end up in the garage.   
It could mean that homes designed today don’t reflect the reality of the lifestyles and living habits of its occupants.  Alternatively it could mean we’re living in a world of over acquiring and our homes and garages are suffering because of it.  
Some options to consider:
1. What you call it, so it becomes.  Is the garage the junk room or a workshop and quiet place to tinker?

2. If children have moved out of home and their possessions remain, there’s a number of affordable storage   facilities available(or charge them rent, as one client did!)

3.  Create a rule that the car is always parked in the garage, you’ll be thankful when reselling. 
4.  Everything earns its place in the garage.  If it hasn’t been used within a certain period of time, consider     repurposing or donating to the local Men’s Shed or charity.
5.  Make some money and have your own garage sale 
If unsure where to start decluttering, Carol from Dr DeClutter offers a complimentary 15 minute telephone consultation and can be contacted on 0449 156 246

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